Excel Steel Has The Best Stackable Stillage In Town

A stillage is a basic structure that with a pallet base but with sides so that goods can be stacked and transported from one place to another, without the fear of them falling off on the way. In case you need a stackable stillage in your yard, or at the warehouse or at any other work place, all you have to do is contact the team at Excel Steel. One of the greatest advantages of using a stillage is that you are no longer required to load goods through a fork lifter or any other such device and later unload it.

This way by using a stillage you are saving a lot of time and also reducing the chances of goods being damaged by falling off during loading and unloading. One of the widely used usages of stillage is for keeping liquor bottles. So if you want to hire a stillage or if you want to buy one, do contact the team at Excel Steel. Excel Steel is known for providing cages and stillage for storage of products that are valuable. They provide numerous kinds of stillage at affordable prices for people all across Australia. 

Three things they guarantee…

If you are purchasing a stillage from Excel Steel, then there are three things that you can be hundred percent sure of. And these include: first and most important is the quality of the product. They are committed to bring for you the best stillage in town. The second feature that is common to all Excel Steel products is the strength. For a stillage, the material it is made from and its strength is very important as no one would want their goods being damaged due to a stillage that breaks down or gets damaged.

The third thing is the durability, all the stillage that you purchase from are well equipped to withstand pressure and harsh conditions. And to guarantee all this, they at Excel Steel do it all under one roof, from designing a stillage to its manufacture and its eventual delivery at the customers doorstep. What makes them different from other manufacturers and distributors of stillage is the fact that the stillage they manufacture can be folded when not in use and the best part is that for this you do not require help from an expert or any tool; you can do this on your own.

If you think that at Excel Steel they only manufacture stillage, then you are mistake, because they have it all from steel cages used in transporting goods, to steel pallets, cages to keep gas bottles, shelves that are required in a warehouse, and the list goes on. One of the reason people hesitate from buying a stillage is the cost, but with Excel Steel you need not to worry about that. So irrespective of what your budget is, do have a look at the products available at Excel Steel and you will surely find something that suits your pocket.